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IRON ON are a four-piece rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They have been playing shows within city limits throughout Australia since July 2002 alongside bands such as Sleater-Kinney (US), Ben Kweller (US) The Shins (US), Iron and Wine (US), Lou Barlow & The New Folk Implosion (US), M Ward (US), The Saints, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Art of Fighting, Bluebottle Kiss, Faker, Screamfeeder, Giants of Science, Sekiden, Sea Life Park, Children Collide, The Zebras, Turnpike and The Null Set. In 2003 Iron On played the Brisbane leg of the Livid Festival and in January 2005 played the Big Day Out. November 2005 they were selected by Triple J for the Next Crop promotion in celebration of Oz Music Month. In December 2005 Rave Magazine named them “Rave Critics Choice 2005” for debut album Oh the Romance. In February 2006 the band will hit the road with Canadian songwriting wonder-twins Tegan and Sara. Shortly after, the band will showcase at Canadian Music Week (CMW) in Toronto, where they have already been shortlisted for the “2006 Indies” in the “Favourite New Artist/International Group” category.

Debut Album Oh The Romance is the follow up to their second EP Everybody Calm Down and is Iron On’s most accessible and concise recording to date. Working with esteemed Brisbane producer Magoo (Midnight Oil, Jebediah, Regurgitator) the band have recorded the sort of album you can BBQ to: big on guitars, big on choruses and big on melody. Oh The Romance is hardly a more mature (ie. boring!) record but it is undoubtablely Iron On’s finest work to date.

Oh The Romance is the band’s first recording for hot-as-hell Brisbane label Plus One Records (Giants Of Science, The Gin Club, Intercooler). Upon the album’s release people said: (1) “The most exciting aspect here is how effortless Iron On make it sound – because that takes talent” - Rolling Stone (2) “Their resolve to totally disarm and dismantle you is unrepentant. A remarkable album” – Time Off (Album of the Week) (3) “More energy than a room full of Pixies fans fed a diet of Red Bull and crack” – Rave Magazine (Album of the Week) (4) “That record fucking rocks, I’m starting a band” – your little sister.

Both the EPs were recorded and mixed by Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference studios (Sekiden, Denvar, Dollarbar) and were released nationally thru Ruth Street Records (via MGM Distro). Everybody Calm Down charted in the AIR Top 20 for four weeks consecutively, and has received spot airplay on JJJ and RRR, rotation on Fbi and is played on 4ZZZ every other day (god bless them).

Iron On's first EP THE UNDERSTUDY ("a stunning debut that should earn them a place on T-shirts everywhere" Time Off Magazine) landed the band airplay on national and local radio, as well as 2nd place in the 4ZZZ Hot 100 in 2003. Follow up EVERYBODY CALM DOWN saw Iron On sounding even more like Iron On: dynamic playing bent into melodic shapes (rock shapes even!), alternating male-female vocals and more evidence of a continued, long-term love affair with distortion of almost any kind. It was intended that Everybody Calm Down would provoke dancing and not faux electro-clash strutting either, more so the ugly, the way dancing is supposed to look. Time Off said "Indeed, this is a diverse, exceptional piece of work" (Review of Everybody Calm Down - Time Off Magazine, Wed May 5th)...but not many people believed them.

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