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Videos + Shows + Boredom = Iron On

Hi y'all.

I've been really getting into Myspace (weird, as I actually have a real life girlfriend - true!). I've been putting up show posters and generally making it look nice. I've also posted up the Iron On videos for 'Learn Today Earn Tomorrow' and 'Playing Hard To Want'. Back in the day if you wanted to watch a band's video you had to set the VCR for Rage or wait 5 years for them to release a DVD/tape of all their you just get online and BAM...the mystery and anticipation is over. Look:

We also have some shows coming up:

  • Sept 29 @ The Troubadour w/ Violent Soho and aheadphonehome. Both awesome bands, so come along. Costs $10.

  • Oct 21 @ 4zzz Market Day (RNA Showgrounds) w/pretty much every other band in Brisbane. This show is ALL-AGES.

Apart from that, it's the same ole same ole...writing new songs and practicing the old ones. We previewed a brand new song the other night at the Something For Kate show (sorry everyone who didn't know we were supporting - we didn't know we were supporting til 3 days beforehand), it all went well. We'll probably keep playing it.

The next album is going to be called 'Please Stop This Endless Parade Of Horrors'. It is our way of commenting on:

  • The Australian Music Industry

  • Bush's Fifth Anniversary September 11 Televised Speech To The Nation

  • Iron On

  • Parades

That is all I've got.
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