Destroy Before Reading (howtodestroy) wrote in ironon,
Destroy Before Reading

Thanks For Coming!

Hi everyone. Ian here.

Thanks each and all for coming to the Rics show on Saturday night. I had a really GREAT time. Best show in ages. Sorry to all turned away at the door due to over-crowding; we know the venue is a little small and we're working on it. Where would you like us to play? We take venue requests. On the upside, it was free and the cramped conditions did give the night a nice, rowdy feel.  Nice to hear people talking to us between songs for a change. Did you like The Paper and The Plane? I loved them. Great people, awesome band.

I'm not much for Festivals these days - getting old, getting boring - but I totally encourage you to snap up Splendor In The Ass tickets. Sonic Youth and Death Cab For Cutie are two of our favourite bands, and HUGE influences on Iron On...if you wanna know where we sprung from go see them (and buy some records by Sleater-Kinney and Fugazi, buy the first two Magic Dirt records, the first Something For Kate record and YOU HAVE TO visit Actually, I think most of those bands are on Myspace someplace.

Next up we've got an ALL-AGES show next Sunday in the carpark of Jamies Expresso Bar. It starts round 4pm and goes til about 7:30. You absolutely can not fuck with the line-up:

Jane Woody
Tragic / Athletic
The Rational Academy
Iron On

See yrs there. I think it costs around $7-$8. You won't mind tho'...the money outlayed will feel like you've stolen something after our support bands destroy Brisbane CIty. We'll try and play roool good too.
Keep on keeping on,
Ian, Iron On.
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