Los Angeles, I'm Yours... (stacey_ewww) wrote in ironon,
Los Angeles, I'm Yours...

Favourite Iron On songs?

New to this community.. I thought it might be nice to hear what your favourite Iron On songs are and maybe why you like them. But best not to push my luck.

My favourite songs are in no particular order... More than tape, arrange me, The Safety, High Miami High and Repetition, Repetition.

Why I like these songs? Because I really love the melodies to them, the interplay between Ross and Kate singing and the whole band just fit together so well.

Ever since I bought Oh the Romance at a gig last year, I haven't been able to stop listening to it at home or in the car or barraging friends to listen to it.

I noticed that Kate's posting here and I was wondering if there's any upcoming gigs in Brisbane?
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