Los Angeles, I'm Yours... (stacey_ewww) wrote in ironon,
Los Angeles, I'm Yours...

Favourite Iron On songs?

New to this community.. I thought it might be nice to hear what your favourite Iron On songs are and maybe why you like them. But best not to push my luck.

My favourite songs are in no particular order... More than tape, arrange me, The Safety, High Miami High and Repetition, Repetition.

Why I like these songs? Because I really love the melodies to them, the interplay between Ross and Kate singing and the whole band just fit together so well.

Ever since I bought Oh the Romance at a gig last year, I haven't been able to stop listening to it at home or in the car or barraging friends to listen to it.

I noticed that Kate's posting here and I was wondering if there's any upcoming gigs in Brisbane?
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i love allll of them. its an album where i just cant skip a song. but faves are: more than tape, reckles pronto, high miami high, sidewalk, the safety, keeping up appearances

to name a few ;)
oh my favourite Iron On song is Walking With A Ghost...

BAAHAHA.. ok. i joke.

i love them all... but you aint heard nothing till you've
seen them live..

kates little bum jiggle when she's playing guitar HA.
i laughed so hard at that. ohh we love you kate.
oh yeh. kate does post on here for the moment.
but further on down the track i don't think
they will find the time as they will be too
famous to even think about posting on some
random community. haha.

as fo dates.. they just got back from a Canadian
tour.. let them resssssst. :P
i hate every iron on song.

interesting - arrange me!!! i would never have guessed someone would pick that. i really like that song. maybe we will pull it out soon.

dates dates dates - soon soon soon. we will be on tour late april/early may. you better all come if you don't we will look up your isp's, bribe your internet service provider, find your address and kill you. dead. kill you dead. xo

OH and another thing JJJ are playing reckless pronto very occasionally...a little too occasionally for our liking so tell your friends, family and small animals with hands to request it...only if they like it and want too though. you shouldn't use peer pressure in the wrong situations. right situations to peer pressure include driving while your friend hangs onto the boot of your car and murder. xo

You are a mass of contradictions. But yes'm I do indeed regard it as one of my favourites. Next Brisbane show if you can pull it out I would enjoy it immensely.
who is this kate from iron on you speak of???

my favourite song is againagainagain, if that's what it's called these days. if not, then i think they're all shit.

i'm gonna call you soon and peer pressure you into doing some crazy shit, like coming over with season 3 L word and watching it with us!!!!
ok so i change my mind.
Learn Today Earn Tomorrow is my fav.
at the moment.