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IRON ON [entries|friends|calendar]
a band called iron on..

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Lyrics... [Wednesday November 12 2008 @ 9:17am]

[ mood | refreshed ]

Hi all,

I got my very first Iron On CD yesterday - The Verse [EP] and am loving it. Only found out about them coz of the new Genius sidebar in iTunes while listening to An Horse - thanks iTunes! Have another one on order and am patiently waiting....

Anyway, something that's really bugging me is that I can't for the life of me figure out the lyrics for the first line of the chorus for  Showing SIgns.

What I do know is that it goes:

But you're my answer []
You're my only cure...

Can't figure out what he says after 'answer' and it's really annoying!

Anyone have an idea?


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Hey? [Saturday May 24 2008 @ 12:53pm]

Anyone still alive?

Everyone got the new album?

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Videos + Shows + Boredom = Iron On [Wednesday September 13 2006 @ 10:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi y'all.

I've been really getting into Myspace (weird, as I actually have a real life girlfriend - true!). I've been putting up show posters and generally making it look nice. I've also posted up the Iron On videos for 'Learn Today Earn Tomorrow' and 'Playing Hard To Want'. Back in the day if you wanted to watch a band's video you had to set the VCR for Rage or wait 5 years for them to release a DVD/tape of all their clips...now you just get online and BAM...the mystery and anticipation is over. Look: www.myspace.com/ironon.

We also have some shows coming up:

  • Sept 29 @ The Troubadour w/ Violent Soho and aheadphonehome. Both awesome bands, so come along. Costs $10.

  • Oct 21 @ 4zzz Market Day (RNA Showgrounds) w/pretty much every other band in Brisbane. This show is ALL-AGES.

Apart from that, it's the same ole same ole...writing new songs and practicing the old ones. We previewed a brand new song the other night at the Something For Kate show (sorry everyone who didn't know we were supporting - we didn't know we were supporting til 3 days beforehand), it all went well. We'll probably keep playing it.

The next album is going to be called 'Please Stop This Endless Parade Of Horrors'. It is our way of commenting on:

  • The Australian Music Industry

  • Bush's Fifth Anniversary September 11 Televised Speech To The Nation

  • Iron On

  • Parades

That is all I've got.

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[Wednesday July 26 2006 @ 11:24pm]


can't wait!

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We're UNDEAD! [Saturday July 01 2006 @ 1:31pm]

Hi everyone. You know, I dig...we've been quiet of late but everyone wants to know what's happening...so letting us know yr wondering is a good place to start. We're just working a bit harder behind the scenes at the moment. Instead of touring, we're writing. There's the odd local show still happening but they will, I'm afraid, be fewer and further between in the coming months. We want the next record to be a TRIPLE A + so that means we've got to bunker down and write some songs. We write pretty slow. So that's what we're doing. Slowly writing.

I have no idea how the new stuff sounds. I think it'll just be further down the tangents we were on last time. Hopefully the rock bits will rock harder, the pop bits will be more melodic and catchy and the freaked out bits we sneak in-between will be more freaked out.

We are, as someone posted, nearly halfway finished writing up the follow up to Oh The Romance. We're demoing with Magoo, who recorded Oh The Romance, later this month. Then we might take a few weeks off and start on the other half of the album.

I'm starting a street team. People want to help and, to be honest, we could use a hand from time to time. I'll post details soon when I'm organised.

Oh The Romance is coming out in Canada via Sonic Unyon (Canadian distro for HUGE bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Frank Black). We're excited. It could be the start of something kinda neat for us in Canada. If you know anyone in Canada, tell 'em to buy our record when it comes out.

I posted this to our myspace:

Other news:
+ We're writing new songs.
+ We're recording some demos soon (w/ Magoo) for out next record.
+ The next record is going to be called 'Oh The Da Vinci Code'.
+ I, Ian Keith Rogers, for the first time EVER played bass guitar with my fingers onstage the other night. Why ian Why? Good question. A: I lost my pick in my hair. True story.
+ Thanks for coming out to the Teachers Union benefit the other night. There were heaps of yrs there, we were generally surprised and delighted.
+ We're starting up a Street Team soon, check back soon if yr interested in helping us out in return for free shit and good vibes.
+ Our Canadian sisters Teegs and Sez are releasing a DVD soon with the rad title of 'Don't Do It! It's Not Fun!'. You can watch the trailer for it here: http://www.teganandsara.com/video4/itsnotfun_trailer.mov

Keep on keeping on.
Thanks always for the interest,

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hello!? [Wednesday June 28 2006 @ 6:28pm]

iron on. where the fuck are ya? lol

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Thanks For Coming! [Monday May 01 2006 @ 11:46am]

Hi everyone. Ian here.

Thanks each and all for coming to the Rics show on Saturday night. I had a really GREAT time. Best show in ages. Sorry to all turned away at the door due to over-crowding; we know the venue is a little small and we're working on it. Where would you like us to play? We take venue requests. On the upside, it was free and the cramped conditions did give the night a nice, rowdy feel.  Nice to hear people talking to us between songs for a change. Did you like The Paper and The Plane? I loved them. Great people, awesome band.

I'm not much for Festivals these days - getting old, getting boring - but I totally encourage you to snap up Splendor In The Ass tickets. Sonic Youth and Death Cab For Cutie are two of our favourite bands, and HUGE influences on Iron On...if you wanna know where we sprung from go see them (and buy some records by Sleater-Kinney and Fugazi, buy the first two Magic Dirt records, the first Something For Kate record and YOU HAVE TO visit http://www.myspace.com/sandpit). Actually, I think most of those bands are on Myspace someplace.

Next up we've got an ALL-AGES show next Sunday in the carpark of Jamies Expresso Bar. It starts round 4pm and goes til about 7:30. You absolutely can not fuck with the line-up:

Jane Woody
Tragic / Athletic
The Rational Academy
Iron On

See yrs there. I think it costs around $7-$8. You won't mind tho'...the money outlayed will feel like you've stolen something after our support bands destroy Brisbane CIty. We'll try and play roool good too.
Keep on keeping on,
Ian, Iron On.

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Iron On at Ric's Cafe [Sunday April 30 2006 @ 10:19am]

Well I saw Iron On play in the Valley last night. Good times!
The place was pretty squishy.. but definitely worth it: at least once Stinky Old Drunk Bastard left. He spent his time next to me, yelling out BOO!! and purposely pushing and hassling me.. it went a little something like this:

SODB: BOO, you suck!! [to me] You like these guys?
Me: Yeah
SODB: You been following them for awhile?
Me: Yeah
SODB: Like, how long?
Me: Fuck off
SODB: You love me
Me: I would love for you to be somewhere else!

And that was the good part of his stay.. it got much worse & I swear if he hadn't left when he did I would have punched the bastard!

So anyway.. the point of my post.. & I always have a point of some kind:
I took a few video clips on my digicam. They're only 1 minute long each cos' that's all I can do, but better than nothing!

I only got a few songs from the second half, because of SODB & I didn't get a clear view until later when I managed to get closer. They're also pretty much Kate exclusive because that was my line of vision: please excuse the heads!

1. Terrible - I'm not 100% about the title.. I know it had the word terrible in it..
2. Learn Today Earn Tomorrow
3. More Than Tape - part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4

Yes, I do love More Than Tape.. I almost thought they weren't going to play it! Phew..

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Splendour in the Grass [Saturday April 29 2006 @ 5:50pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

I think this lineup is worth posting up everywhere. It's great.

SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS - SAT 22nd & SUN 23rd July @ Belongil Fields, Byron Bay.


Sonic Youth, Grinspoon, DJ Shadow, The Grates, Death Cab for Cutie, TV on the Radio, Augie March, The Avalanches (DJ set), Youth Group, Brittle Fex, Atmosphere and Paul Mac


Brian Wilson, Wolfmother, Scissor Sisters, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jose Gonzalez, Snow Patrol, You Am I, Decoder Ring, The Presets, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Zutons, Matisyahu and Clare Bowditch & Feeding Set

Unfortunately the Dresden Dolls aren't coming down for it. :(

Anyone going, or planning on going??


Exciting. ;)

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[Friday April 28 2006 @ 5:23pm]

[ mood | content ]

hello all :)

soooo i was wondering if anyone knows where one might be able to see some Iron On video clips? Am very curious.

Also, while i sing along to every song, does anyone know where i can find Iron On lyrics?! have asked before i think, but alas, nothin.

Thankyou in advance for your help!
Aph xx

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MySpace [Friday April 28 2006 @ 1:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

So I'm not sure how many of you lot know this but new pictures of Iron On adventures have been posted on the MySpace.

Yay. :)

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Tegan, Sara, Kate & Ross. [Saturday April 22 2006 @ 12:09am]


one big, happy, family!! and Ross is sweaty COUGHARMPITSCOUGH... haha. oh we love ya Ross.

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new dates [Friday April 14 2006 @ 9:24pm]

4.21.06 The Sandringham Hotel, Sydney w/ The Vandas
4.22.06 SheilaFest (Scooter @ Lan Franchis), Sydney (AA)
4.23.06 The Old Bar, Melbourne w/ Macromantics and the Young Professionals
4.24.06 The Rob Roy, Melbourne w/ The Vandas
4.29.06 Rics Cafe, Brisbane w/ Paper and the Plane
5.06.06 Carpark of Jamies Espresso Bar, Brisbane (AA) w/ Rational Academy, Tragic/Athletic and Jane Woody.

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Brunswick Street Mall [Tuesday April 04 2006 @ 7:35am]

So Kate will be playing on Saturday (april 8th)@ Ric's in the Brunswick Street Mall in Brisbane.
Go check it out..!!

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Monkeys and Snow [Monday March 27 2006 @ 9:40am]

Kates new entry.Collapse )

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New Journal by Ian [Saturday March 25 2006 @ 12:50am]


New journal entry by Iaannnnnnnn

I'm bored at work.

I have not been very attentive to Camp Iron On of late. Work is busy. I've got people coming and going. Family and friends coming and going, happy and not so happy. And I've just been making a concerted effort of late to actually 'be at home' (mentally, spiritually and intellectually) when I'm at home.  

Someone posted this: hello friends.your livejournal community needs
an update, com'n tell us how canada was.. who you met, who you stayed with, who you got smashed with and how nice emy's waffles were...tell me all...cecilia.

Dear Cecilia,

I only update my own journal sporadically so I probably won't be posting to the Iron On community very often, or soon. Isn't that for dorks everywhere to post about Iron On? As opposed to the dorks OF Iron On to post about themselves? I'm not sure, hahaha, I really like the LJ community, thanks to all involved in it.

(1) Canada was cold, windy, snowy, fun, drunken, scary, inviting, loud, boring, annoying, hearty, friendly, big and dirty. Travelling throughout with the Gin Club and Giants Of Science and Team Plus One was a lot of fun, all good bands and great people. I didn't really sample much Canadian music except for some bad, bad, bad Canadian emo, some of which was sung by drag kings. I was surprised to find that the Canadian French of Montreal take comic books very seriously and rack pornography right along side pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere. None of them were mean to me because I could not speak 'franch'. They are a beautiful, beautiful people who have a reduced interest in bombing the hell out of other countries. They may be perfect.

(2) I met all sorts of new folks. Chris from heavy metal band Cursed was especially rad. I met members of the Gin Club I hadn't met before. I met some drunks in a bar. I met some drunk students in a bar. I met some guy from some band in Denmark. I met a dancer who is working on a routine involving 'Anchors Up' by Giants of Science. I did not meet Karen O or Page Hamilton, which sucks. Everyone in Toronto and Ottawa wanted to talk about the Rolling Stones, it was a little bit off putting.

(3) I stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong (which was awesome). I stayed in a hostel in Toronto. I stayed in a jail in Ottawa (true story - it was a big night). I stay on the couch at Sara's in Montreal. And then I just tried to stay upright and collected for most of the journey home.

(4) I pretty much got smashed with everyone, except for Karen O and Page Hamilton, which sucks. The people of Ottawa were very understanding and helpful.

(5) Emy's waffles were so nice they tasted almost as good as coming home felt. They were amazing. Mad props to Emy and Sara for having us.

Oh yeah: I don't really understand much else discussed in the Comments section of late but here are some answers:

Leesa, honey, I don't think Marieca is going to the prom with you. Sorry.

Jess - I no understand - but in the past I've found that Ross responds well to bribery (we all do).

I'm not sure why Briana is embarrassed but it's okay, we all make mistakes.

Aprodite - I will never be photographed again, so new photos might be hard.

Bella - our show was AWESOME, probably.

Vivek - I am but a tree in the cock forest.  

Stef is hotter than Corin.

Lexie - I can't tell you the lyrics to the first verse of Ruddy. Vocally it's a Kate song so it could be about anything from sunglasses to death. The song was named after a neighbourhood cat.

Kaz - Thanks for voting. We are big fat losers and thus we did not win an award at the Canadian Indies. But neither did Annie, meaning we are now, at least, equally as famous as her.

Louise - You can buy our album from www.abandcalledironon.com and we get more money. I'm gonna use that money to buy hats.

Hi Tanzie!


Keep on keeping on each and all,


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Favourite Iron On songs? [Friday March 24 2006 @ 10:41pm]

New to this community.. I thought it might be nice to hear what your favourite Iron On songs are and maybe why you like them. But best not to push my luck.

My favourite songs are in no particular order... More than tape, arrange me, The Safety, High Miami High and Repetition, Repetition.

Why I like these songs? Because I really love the melodies to them, the interplay between Ross and Kate singing and the whole band just fit together so well.

Ever since I bought Oh the Romance at a gig last year, I haven't been able to stop listening to it at home or in the car or barraging friends to listen to it.

I noticed that Kate's posting here and I was wondering if there's any upcoming gigs in Brisbane?

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[Thursday March 23 2006 @ 9:50am]

an update coming soon....i swear and photos!

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kate kate kate kate... an_horse. [Wednesday March 15 2006 @ 7:25pm]


kate kkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaattte
I'm not sure why i felt the need to play around with this photo.
i just felt the sudden urge to manipulate it a bit. nothing spesh.
maybe the lack of updates made me feel like i had to do it. i dunno.
leave me alone. here is kate. (an_horse)...

over and out.

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rad attack [Sunday March 05 2006 @ 5:45pm]

okay i figured out how to join! wooo! thanks...i did have to get instructions.

we are in ottawa. we played last night. it was heaps of fun. we stayed in a jail! seriously! it was amazing. off to montreal now. there is snow everywhere.

rad attack.
k xo

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