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Hi everyone. You know, I dig...we've been quiet of late but everyone wants to know what's letting us know yr wondering is a good place to start. We're just working a bit harder behind the scenes at the moment. Instead of touring, we're writing. There's the odd local show still happening but they will, I'm afraid, be fewer and further between in the coming months. We want the next record to be a TRIPLE A + so that means we've got to bunker down and write some songs. We write pretty slow. So that's what we're doing. Slowly writing.

I have no idea how the new stuff sounds. I think it'll just be further down the tangents we were on last time. Hopefully the rock bits will rock harder, the pop bits will be more melodic and catchy and the freaked out bits we sneak in-between will be more freaked out.

We are, as someone posted, nearly halfway finished writing up the follow up to Oh The Romance. We're demoing with Magoo, who recorded Oh The Romance, later this month. Then we might take a few weeks off and start on the other half of the album.

I'm starting a street team. People want to help and, to be honest, we could use a hand from time to time. I'll post details soon when I'm organised.

Oh The Romance is coming out in Canada via Sonic Unyon (Canadian distro for HUGE bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Frank Black). We're excited. It could be the start of something kinda neat for us in Canada. If you know anyone in Canada, tell 'em to buy our record when it comes out.

I posted this to our myspace:

Other news:
+ We're writing new songs.
+ We're recording some demos soon (w/ Magoo) for out next record.
+ The next record is going to be called 'Oh The Da Vinci Code'.
+ I, Ian Keith Rogers, for the first time EVER played bass guitar with my fingers onstage the other night. Why ian Why? Good question. A: I lost my pick in my hair. True story.
+ Thanks for coming out to the Teachers Union benefit the other night. There were heaps of yrs there, we were generally surprised and delighted.
+ We're starting up a Street Team soon, check back soon if yr interested in helping us out in return for free shit and good vibes.
+ Our Canadian sisters Teegs and Sez are releasing a DVD soon with the rad title of 'Don't Do It! It's Not Fun!'. You can watch the trailer for it here:

Keep on keeping on.
Thanks always for the interest,
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