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Iron On at Ric's Cafe

Well I saw Iron On play in the Valley last night. Good times!
The place was pretty squishy.. but definitely worth it: at least once Stinky Old Drunk Bastard left. He spent his time next to me, yelling out BOO!! and purposely pushing and hassling me.. it went a little something like this:

SODB: BOO, you suck!! [to me] You like these guys?
Me: Yeah
SODB: You been following them for awhile?
Me: Yeah
SODB: Like, how long?
Me: Fuck off
SODB: You love me
Me: I would love for you to be somewhere else!

And that was the good part of his stay.. it got much worse & I swear if he hadn't left when he did I would have punched the bastard!

So anyway.. the point of my post.. & I always have a point of some kind:
I took a few video clips on my digicam. They're only 1 minute long each cos' that's all I can do, but better than nothing!

I only got a few songs from the second half, because of SODB & I didn't get a clear view until later when I managed to get closer. They're also pretty much Kate exclusive because that was my line of vision: please excuse the heads!

1. Terrible - I'm not 100% about the title.. I know it had the word terrible in it..
2. Learn Today Earn Tomorrow
3. More Than Tape - part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4

Yes, I do love More Than Tape.. I almost thought they weren't going to play it! Phew..
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