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New Journal by Ian

New journal entry by Iaannnnnnnn

I'm bored at work.

I have not been very attentive to Camp Iron On of late. Work is busy. I've got people coming and going. Family and friends coming and going, happy and not so happy. And I've just been making a concerted effort of late to actually 'be at home' (mentally, spiritually and intellectually) when I'm at home.  

Someone posted this: hello friends.your livejournal community needs
an update, com'n tell us how canada was.. who you met, who you stayed with, who you got smashed with and how nice emy's waffles were...tell me all...cecilia.

Dear Cecilia,

I only update my own journal sporadically so I probably won't be posting to the Iron On community very often, or soon. Isn't that for dorks everywhere to post about Iron On? As opposed to the dorks OF Iron On to post about themselves? I'm not sure, hahaha, I really like the LJ community, thanks to all involved in it.

(1) Canada was cold, windy, snowy, fun, drunken, scary, inviting, loud, boring, annoying, hearty, friendly, big and dirty. Travelling throughout with the Gin Club and Giants Of Science and Team Plus One was a lot of fun, all good bands and great people. I didn't really sample much Canadian music except for some bad, bad, bad Canadian emo, some of which was sung by drag kings. I was surprised to find that the Canadian French of Montreal take comic books very seriously and rack pornography right along side pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere. None of them were mean to me because I could not speak 'franch'. They are a beautiful, beautiful people who have a reduced interest in bombing the hell out of other countries. They may be perfect.

(2) I met all sorts of new folks. Chris from heavy metal band Cursed was especially rad. I met members of the Gin Club I hadn't met before. I met some drunks in a bar. I met some drunk students in a bar. I met some guy from some band in Denmark. I met a dancer who is working on a routine involving 'Anchors Up' by Giants of Science. I did not meet Karen O or Page Hamilton, which sucks. Everyone in Toronto and Ottawa wanted to talk about the Rolling Stones, it was a little bit off putting.

(3) I stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong (which was awesome). I stayed in a hostel in Toronto. I stayed in a jail in Ottawa (true story - it was a big night). I stay on the couch at Sara's in Montreal. And then I just tried to stay upright and collected for most of the journey home.

(4) I pretty much got smashed with everyone, except for Karen O and Page Hamilton, which sucks. The people of Ottawa were very understanding and helpful.

(5) Emy's waffles were so nice they tasted almost as good as coming home felt. They were amazing. Mad props to Emy and Sara for having us.

Oh yeah: I don't really understand much else discussed in the Comments section of late but here are some answers:

Leesa, honey, I don't think Marieca is going to the prom with you. Sorry.

Jess - I no understand - but in the past I've found that Ross responds well to bribery (we all do).

I'm not sure why Briana is embarrassed but it's okay, we all make mistakes.

Aprodite - I will never be photographed again, so new photos might be hard.

Bella - our show was AWESOME, probably.

Vivek - I am but a tree in the cock forest.  

Stef is hotter than Corin.

Lexie - I can't tell you the lyrics to the first verse of Ruddy. Vocally it's a Kate song so it could be about anything from sunglasses to death. The song was named after a neighbourhood cat.

Kaz - Thanks for voting. We are big fat losers and thus we did not win an award at the Canadian Indies. But neither did Annie, meaning we are now, at least, equally as famous as her.

Louise - You can buy our album from www.abandcalledironon.com and we get more money. I'm gonna use that money to buy hats.

Hi Tanzie!


Keep on keeping on each and all,


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