Cecilia (theirstory) wrote in ironon,

kate kate kate kate... an_horse.

kate kkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaattte
I'm not sure why i felt the need to play around with this photo.
i just felt the sudden urge to manipulate it a bit. nothing spesh.
maybe the lack of updates made me feel like i had to do it. i dunno.
leave me alone. here is kate. (an_horse)...

over and out.

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you should post the original :) coz, well, i would love to see the original :)
you want the original?
minus the splash of colour and the shadows around the edges.. then take away the word 'kate'.. ooh and the border.. there you go.. the orignal :D

Eee Kate is so cute. :D And I totally dig her haaair.
hey hair is TOO cute.
I haven't seen that much muscle on a woman since million dollar baby. that is some serious bicep right there! horse is something hardcore ladies, I would totally watch out.
I am totally joking. ok back towork.
erm. i believe it's the shadow of her sleeve COUGH!! :p